Adventures in electronics

Well, that was fun.

I recently had a tablet ‘donated’ to me. It’s an older model, and recently it had been giving it’s former owner fits. Repeatedly dropping WiFi connections, ‘freezing’ in mid-operation, you name it, it was doing it.

I was mainly interested in getting a tablet as an entertainment device: something I could watch movies and anime on, listen to music, and maybe read a book. So I didn’t figure I’d have as many problems as it’s owner had been having, and besides, it came at the perfect price: free.

First thing I found out about it was that outside of the built-in memory, it had no memory. It had a slot for a micro-SDHC card, but one hadn’t been installed. Quick trip to the local Walmart revealed that I could buy a card that would max out the possible memory for under $7, so it came home with me. Then the fun started. I did some research to find out how best to transfer files between an Android device and a Linux platform. Strangely enough, even though Android is based on Linux, doing a file transfer via a USB cable would require me to install an special file transfer app on the tablet, and even then the information I could gather indicated that the transfer would be both slow and prone to errors. But the card came with an adapter that would allow me to plug it directly into my Linux machine, so I decided to just load the files I wanted onto the card before installing it in the tablet.

It took some time to do this, even with the higher speeds available via the card adapter interface. Dumping 5+GB of music files alone took over five minutes. And the file folders holding my different anime series were roughly that size too. Throw in figuring out what I wanted to have on the tablet ( I had a lot more available than the card could accommodate), and I spent most of Wednesday morning getting the job done.

Wednesday afternoon is one of the times I volunteer to be at the local Democratic Party headquarters, so with all the files transferred, I plugged the card into the tablet and took it with me to see how well my experiment worked.

The results were mixed.

It took a bit of poking around just to find the anime and movies. Turns out, they were all available in the “Gallery” app. Individual series folders holding the episodes were represented by a single image from one of the episodes, so not hard to figure out what was where. For some reason, even though they were loaded as individual files, all the movies ended up lumped together behind a single ‘tile’. Tapping it opened the tile up, revealing a sub-tile for each movie. Decided to try watching an anime episode, so picked one at random, tapped it, and selected an episode for the sub-tiles. The episode opens, and I watch it through before trying another anime series. This one had most of the sub-tiles showing a scene from the episode, but not all. Those that didn’t had a ‘generic’ scene, so I tried one of them. Up pops a message “Can’t play video.”. Okay, why three episodes in the middle of the series aren’t opening, I don’t know, but that’s something to figure out later. Back out, I try a movie, one of my favorite, “Your Name”. The tile opens, and the message “Can’t play video” pops ups even though I can see the video playing behind it. Stop, try again, and this time no message, but also no audio. Another problem to sort out. Time to see about the other content.

Now things get interesting. I can’t find an app that will even see the books I have loaded on. They’re all “Project Gutenberg” downloads, and I’d moved them all into a folder to cut the clutter on the card, so I reasoned that either might be causing the problem. Then I try the music file, and get the same result: nothing can find the music files. Basic trouble-shooting done, and a few ideas for solution in hand. I settled back to enjoy the remaining time at the headquarters watching anime.

Today, I decided I’d pop the card out of the tablet and try a few ideas I’d come up with. First off, I thought I’d see if what was keeping me from seeing the books I had loaded up was them being inside a file folder. So I put it in, shifted the ebook files out of the folder and ditched the folder before ‘unmounting’ the card and putting it back into the tablet. Still nothing. Fine, I reasoned, I’ll just ditch the files, free up a few hundred meg of space, and see what I can do about the music files. So I power down the tablet, open the access panel to get at the card and go to remove it.

For those of you who have never handled an micro SDHC card, they are tiny things, less then half the size of a postage stamp. They slide into a slot on the side of your device and ‘click’ into place when properly seated. To get one out of it’s slot, you press in with a finger nail and release. The card should pop slightly out so you can grasp it for removal….but it is spring-loaded. So, if you’re not careful it can do more than just move into position for removal….it can literally pop out of the device and go sailing out of sight, which is what my card did.

In my case, not only did the card go sailing, it flew over my shoulder and dropped into an area by the chair I was sitting in that holds a trash can and a few other items (it’s nick-name is ‘the junk corner’, to give you an idea of what it’s like). I didn’t see where it went, all the information I had was what I heard. What I heard was the card striking a hard surface, then bouncing off to go…..somewhere.

And it’s still there. I pulled the garbage can, looked under it, around it, and found nothing. Cleaned out most of the junk in the corner, and again found nothing. Then it was time to sort through the contents of the garbage can, by hand, to see if it had gone in there. Nope, checked everything, found nothing.

So the moral of the story? Be damned careful where you work, and remember what you’re working on too. Tomorrow morning I might go out and buy another card, but for now I’m going to spend some time kicking myself for my own stupidity.


The fly on the wall

(I am thinking of this as the opening to a series of science fiction stories revolving around humanity’s first wars in space. Fair warning, lots of rough language and discussion of sexual slavery involved.)


After all the effort she’d put into riding him, ‘Angela’ was happy the fat bastard had finally managed to get his rocks off. She tightened the right muscles, let an inarticulate moan out, trying her best to fake the orgasm he no doubt wanted to believe he’d given her. All she really wanted was a shower, but instead, she made herself lie atop his sweating carcass like a satisfied lover.

Her efforts to satisfy her customer were rewarded by him throwing a flabby arm around her before kissing her forehead. “Thanks, Angela, that was great, like usual. You sure know how to make an old man feel good.”

“No, sweetie, it’s you who know how to make a woman feel good. That was the best sex I’ve had in a long time.”

From the way his arm tightened around her, ‘Angela’ knew the fat idiot must believe at least some of what she’d said. If she was lucky, he might tip her some cash on top of what he’d paid the agency for her visit. That was the whole reason for engaging in the charade. Now, she had to get out of his apartment so she could get ready for her next appointment.

Angela pushed herself upright, swung her leg over, and stopped to remove the spent condom. She hated disposing of the filthy thing, but like sucking and fucking, it was part of her job as a prostitute. For all her disgust, she slapped a smile on her face as she feigned examining it. “Wow, sweetie, you shot a lot. I’m glad you had this on, or I’d be on the ‘nine month count-down’.”

Her john actually smile, like he was pleased by the thought. “That might not be so bad. My wife doesn’t want any more kids, and ours are nothing but spoiled brats. How about it, would you be willing to let me make one with you?”

Did this moron really think she wanted him to fuck his kid into her? Not a chance in hell! She fought the wave of disgust that swept over her and smiled wider. “But what would happen with your wife? And what about your career? It’s a tempting idea, but I don’t want you to ruin your life to give me such pleasure.”

His face scrunched in, reminding ‘Angela’ less of a man thinking than someone struggling to take a shit. “Well, there is that…I guess I just got caught up in the moment, baby. Thanks for thinking that through for me.”

“Any time. Wouldn’t want the best member of the Colony Board of Governors to lose his job over me now, would I?” ‘Angela’ slipped backwards off the bed and walked into the spacious bathroom attached to the bedroom, closing the door behind her. That a moron like that could be trusted to help govern one of the biggest of Earth’s orbital colonies never ceased to amaze her. She relieved her bladder, dropping the tied-off rubber in before flushing all the waste away. Supposedly condoms sold on the colony were biodegradable, so flushing one shouldn’t raise any flags. Not that she really cared. After all, his name on the lease to this space, not hers, so any official repercussions wouldn’t land on her.

The shower she stepped into was nearly as large as her apartment. It also didn’t have the five minute limit on water usage the shower she shared with ten other people in her block did. Just as well, because she spent more time than that under the stinging-hot spray, sluicing the lingering stink of her customer away. She had never understood why some people stank even fresh from a shower, while others barely registered to her nose after hours of hard labor. Whatever the reason, ‘Big Bill’ Hannity smelled like something long-dead, even fresh from a shower, and “Angela’ was happy when she could no longer caught his sent on her.

She let herself take a moment to luxuriate in the pulsing jet setting the shower offered. Letting the spray play over her slender body was close to heavenly after all the exercise she’d put in making Bill cum. But even with the sort of luxurious allowances a suite like this had, there was a limit to how much water she could use. Part of the wall changed to a screen, displaying a countdown to the point where the system would start charging extra. ‘Angela’ allowed herself one final splurge on Bill’s tab: she washed her short hair using some of the expensive shampoo his wife normally used.

Done, she thumped the water cut-off bar, and the intelligence controlling the shower took over, bringing a warm swirl of dry air up around her while it sucked every drop of water from the surfaces and the air that dried her. All the showers on the colony did this. Water being something that had to be harvested in far more distant portions of the Sol system, the colony’s life support systems wasted none of it. At her apartment, the shower often dried her in air colder than the surroundings.

Her skin dry, she stepped out to face a portion of the wall that had been programmed to become a mirror. ‘Angela’ had no memory of her parents, no memories earlier than growing up in a refugee camp in war-torn Thailand. So she had no notion of how she came to possess her dark skin, nor a face one of her clients had said looked fit for a Chinese goddess. It had been more john bullshit, but as she looked at her reflection, with it’s small nose and up-tilted eyes, the thought occurred to her that perhaps this is what her mother had looked like. Or maybe her face was just some random chance, as so many other of the poor living on Mike-Lima Forty-One, as everyone called the ML4-1 colony.

‘Angela’ gave her head a shake, ran her fingers through her hair to get it roughly going the same way, and pulled on one of the robes stacked outside the shower. She’d love to comb her hair, but “Big Bill” had strict rules things like that. Outside of the stall, hair and other things her body might shed weren’t automatically collected. And while his wife might not notice a few stray skin cells that didn’t be long to her, a single unfamiliar black hair among the bottle-blond hairs already littering her brush would be a dead give-away. Bill didn’t even like her using the robes, but she knew well that if she came out of the bathroom naked, the old goat would pester her for ‘another shot’, and she’d had enough of fucking him. So she’d accept the dirty look for wearing the robe and make sure to toss it into Bill’s automated laundry system before she left.

The door was hardly a crack open, but the stranger’s voice was loud enough to be understood. “Bill, what the fuck do you expect me to do? I’m head of security for the colony, but we both know the real power lies with the corporate security teams. I’ve got twenty guys who are supposed to police a population of over two hundred thousand. The smallest private security force has three hundred members, and most of them are ex-military. My force is just a joke, and we both know it’s that way because the colony founders wanted it that way. So what am I supposed to do about your ‘threatened violent take-over’?”

Every time ‘Big Bill’ talked around her, he strove to sound decisive, in control. But she heard none of that as he replied. No, if anything, he sounded like a street hustler who’d found out they accidentally conned one of the ‘Founding Families’. “Juan, you don’t understand. These people are dangerous! I mean yeah, I took their money, and accepted their support to win my place on the board…but I never, ever thought they’d go through with this bat-shit crazy plan of theirs. Hell, if they carry out their plan, you’re going to be taking a space walk without a suit on, and so will a lot of other folks. These fuckers are insane, seriously insane. They think the Founding Families made a mistake when they allowed what they call ‘non-European mud creatures’ onto the colony. These assholes are talking about spacing everyone who doesn’t fit their idea of a ‘proper’ citizen. That, or reducing them to outright slaves, even they can’t make up their minds on that point.” Bill stopped talking, whether to catch his breath or gather his thoughts ‘Angela’ didn’t know, but the person he was talking to cut him off.

“Bill, if you’re serious, why the fuck did you call me? Why not contact the head of the Paulus family? Or the O’Hannlon’s senior? I mean if someone needs to know this, it’s the household heads who sit on the Founder’s Council. They have the authority to take control of the private security firms in an emergency, not me.”

“You don’t get it, do you Juan? Some of them are involved in this….and I’ve got no fucking clue who is and who isn’t involved. So what do you think happens to me if I complain to the wrong person?Think they’re going to just sit back and wait for me to find someone who will act? I’d be dead before the end of the day, that’s what would happen.”

There was a long silence, long enough that ‘Angela’ began to suspect the conversation was over. It wasn’t. “All right, Bill, then you should contact the Earth government. Lay it all out. Even if you don’t know anything more than the person you’re in contact with, they can get troops, or peace keepers, or whatever the fuck they want to call them out here to stop this from happening. As a member of the Colony Board of Governors, you should have enough juice to get someone to listen to you.”

Big Bill didn’t respond right away, and ‘Angela’ knew why. The fat son of a bitch is trying to figure out an angle that won’t just leave him in power, but that will get him more power. She had to get out of the apartment, fast. But her clothes were lying by the front door, where Bill had forced her to strip for him. And she could neither get to them without whomever he was talking to seeing her in their holo-imager, nor avoid them getting a good enough look to ID her later. Her brain was scrambling around, looking for a solution, when Bill finally spoke.

“All right, but I can’t just send the message through my official account. I’m pretty sure they’re monitoring it. So I’ll contact a guy I know in the Communications branch and arrange for him to send it out under his ID. He’s got enough reason to communicate with the Earth government that it shouldn’t draw attention. Hopefully nobody will notice if he forwards a message for me to the Security Chief at the UN Colony Administrator’s office.”

“Fine, whatever. Just keep your head down, and quit getting in bed with murdering sleaze, for fuck’s sake!” The double-chime of a disconnected holo-call told her it was safe to come out, but ‘Angela’ waited for a count of fifty before fully opening the door. She found Bill sitting on the end of the bed in his boxers looking like he’d landed in a mine field with no map of how to get out. She stopped for a second to kiss the top of his bald head.

“Well, sweetie, I got to get going. Want to set up another visit now, or would you rather wait until you know you’ll have the free time?”

Bill didn’t respond right away, and when he did, he didn’t raise his head to meet her eyes. “No, I think I’ll wait. Looks like I’m gonna be busy for a while, so until things get a little less hectic, let’s just leave it open.” ‘Angela thought that might be it, but Bill stood, walked over to the night stand, and pulled a couple of bills at random from his wallet. “This is for being extra nice today, baby. I appreciate the effort. You take care now, hear?” And with that, he headed for the bathroom, no doubt to shower too. ‘Angela’ looked at the bills, and nearly fainted when she saw they were two hundred new-dollar bills. It was nearly as much as Bill had paid for her to come, and she was getting all of this in cash that the agency couldn’t get a cut of. She folded the bills before stuff them into the purse she carried. Not a bad hour’s work.

Dressed and out the door, ‘Angela’ became the anonymous Prostitute #3094 from the Heavenly Body’s Entertainment Corporation. The transparent dress she was forced to wear while working left no doubt what she did for a living. She was thankful no one was in the corridor. She’d become almost inured to the mix of lecherous stares of the men, and open hostility of the women, that followed her and every other prostitute who worked on Mike Lima Forth-One. Almost was the operative word. Just like she almost made enough to pay off the debt colony officials held over her for allowing her to enter the colony as a refugee. That she hadn’t had any choice about whether or not she came didn’t matter to Mike Lima’a officialdom. No, people who couldn’t afford to buy a place on the colony were required to work off any and all costs associated with them coming to the colony. So even a ten year old, half-starved Thai refugee who ‘d been stuffed into the orbital elevator car against her will had to cover the cost of allowing her to enter the Mike Lima economy.

And there’d been no charity even before then. Back when she was still Lee Bik, she’d temporarily gotten into an orphanage. But charities had to have money, and the orphanage fed the majority of it’s kids by selling cute ones to pedophiles. Bik’s first taste of sex was being raped by some white sex tourist. She still remember he stank far worse the Big Bill, and to an eight year old’s eyes and body, how he’d had a tree trunk sprouting between his legs. Half a dozen more encounters just like that proved to Bik that the orphanage was worse then the streets. But street whores were something devoutly Buddhist Thailand wanted to make a thing of the past. Bik had been picked up in one of the sweeps the Thai military ran through the streets of Bangkok. As a child, she got slightly better treatment than the older street girls, but the UN-run refugee camp hadn’t been a paradise. Bik had stayed alive fucking the older boys in exchange for extra food.

Then the day had come when the loudspeakers blared an announcement in Thai, Chinese and half a dozen other languages ordering the residents to assemble at the camp’s central square. There, she had undergone a quick medical exam and been shunted to one side of the square with most of the other children and young adults. The old, the sick, and a few Bik knew to be involved in the camp’s thriving criminal underworld, they had gone to the other side of the square. Those with Bik had gone to Sumatra to be stuffed like cattle into one of the cargo pods going up the orbital elevator. Random chance decided that she ended up here.

She slipped out the same discrete side door she’d used before, and found the usually deserted alley occupied. That occupant caused her to pause. He was a muscle-bound, pale-skinned monster, easily head-and-shoulders taller than her. Like a few white men, he shaved his head clean, but unlike most, his head gleamed like he’d polished it. But none of that was what brought her to a stop. No, what stopped her in her tracks was the look of complete contempt he aimed at her. He looked at her like he was watching a strange dog take a shit in front of him. Anxious to be away from that hostile stare, she turned her back on him and headed towards the street.

In the darkness, what do you see?

What do you see

In the dark hours?

What visions come

In the black depth of night?


Do you see the mistakes

The errors and failures

All the things you wish

You could forget forever?


Or is it the loved ones

The ones who are gone

Never to return

That haunt your nights?


You can’t undo the past

Or rewrite your memories

You can’t bring back

Those who are gone.


All you can do

Is move forward

Remembering the past

Trying not to repeating it.

‘The Occasional Okatu’ asks you to help

It’s like a sick remake of “Ground Hog Day”: a crazy person walks into a business and decides to vent their anger at the world by killing as many people as they can.

It seems to happen all over the world, with no rhyme or reason, the only common thing is the suffering left in the wake of these attacks.

This time, though, the crazy person decided they had a beef with some creative people: Kyoto Animation Studios. If you’re not familiar with their works, then I’ll bring you up to speed. The outstanding anime movie “A Silent Voice”. Netflix’s acclaimed “Violet Evergarden”. The currently-airing “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”. All of these, and more, plus a string of Japanese-language ‘light novels’ came from the minds at Kyoto Animation.

But not now.

In this particular instance, the crazy person walked into their three-story office complex, sprayed what is reported to have been gasoline around, and then shouted some complaint before tossing a lighter into the gas. The attacker was injured, and the police captured him nearby, but he’d accomplished what he set out to do: at this time, with the building still a smoking wreck, there are at least 23 confirmed dead, with fears that more remain to be found.

What makes this even sadder is the fact that like most writers, anime artists are notoriously underpaid. And Kyoto Animation, being a fairly new studio, doesn’t have a lot of money on hand. Fortunately, their US distributor has set up a GoFundMe page to help the victims and the company recover. So if you’ve got a few spare coins, and you’d like to help out some fellow struggling artists in a time of true need, I hope you’ll give some thought to following the link below. When last I looked, they were closing in on the $500,000 figure they were hoping to reach, but I don’t think they’d object to going over that amount.


What are monsters made of?


The thing in front of him did not like Pete yelling. “Thing” was the only word he could use to describe the muscular human body wearing a tattered pair of jeans and topped with a wolf’s head. It lunged forward, reaching out like a man would to grab him while it’s muzzle split open in a snarl. The teeth this revealed would shred him in an instant if he didn’t do something.

He did something. It moved like a man, but it seemed to have the mind of a wolf. Pete was able to dodge it, and as it passed, he slammed the crowbar in his hand into the back of it’s head. The thing went down, and howled like a dog as Pete brought the crowbar down again and again until it fell silent.

It wasn’t the first horror Pete had seen. Another thing, much like this one but smaller, lay in the front room of his house. A woman’s body with a cat’s head and claws lay on the steps to his house. Pete had beaten them to death too.

Now that wolf-head was dead, there was nothing between him and his daughter’s room. He stepped over the still form and advanced on the familiar door. Blood had spattered everywhere in the hall, including a thin line of drops marred the childish sunflower that decorated Sarah’s door. Pete reached out to grab the door knob, and the house shook. It wasn’t hard to understand why it was shaking. Not a block away, a giant lizard was methodically reducing Plainview Grade School to a pile of rubble.

Fuck it, Pete, be honest, that’s fucking Godzilla stomping the school to pieces.

Pete remembered staring at the giant beast through his front windshield, wondering how many kids had escaped before the walking nightmare had begun its work. Even if the kids had all escaped, he had to do something, and quick. His fingers closed around the familiar doorknob, and it opened as it always had when he twisted his wrist.


The inside of his daughter’s room was all shadows and half-light. Like him, she had trouble sleeping if there was too much light in the room. So the room’s only illumination came from a tiny strip of sunlight that leaked around the edges of a set of heavy ‘black-out’ curtains. As it often was, there was a minefield of toys and discarded cloths between Pete and the bed where Sarah lay. She gave no hint she’d heard him.


He spoke louder, hoping she’d wake, but beyond a quick toss of her head, Sarah gave no sign of having heard. Again, like him, once his daughter was asleep, waking her could be near-impossible.


Louder still, but as he spoke, a thunderous roar tore the air outside. Sounding like a cross between tearing metal and low-flying jet, it shook not just the air, it rattled the room’s windows and throbbed through Pete’s body.

And still Sarah did nothing more than toss fitfully in her sleep.

Pete threaded his way through the object on the floor to reach his daughter’s bed. Bending down, he touched her shoulder. “Sarah, it’s Daddy. Wake up honey.”

His daughter rolled away from him with an inarticulate moan, and the temperature around him drop. His next breath came out as a cloud of fog, and across the bed from him, Pete saw a dark shape forming. If the thing with a wolf’s head had been a terror, to huge blob gathering before him would be a nightmare incarnate. It towered over him, topping out just beneath the eight foot ceiling, and half as wide as Sarah’s bed was long.

Pete had seen the darkness take shape before. His daughter had been a scared three year old, and he had gone to her bedroom to check on her. Like now, he’d found her asleep already. But as he stood beside her bed, he’d watched as the shadows coalesced into a teddy bear…a teddy bear in armor, carrying a sword and shield…a teddy bear that rose and moved between Pete and his daughter like a sentry.

“Sarah, you have to wake up now!”

The guardian teddy hadn’t done anything, but the way it positioned itself between them told Pete he would not be allowed to touch his daughter. It was gone the next morning, and Sarah had no memory of it.

But a few weeks later, another child had pushed Sarah down at the playground. The child and its parent had apologized, and Sarah had seemed to accept it with no hard feelings. But that night, Pete had witnessed a black outline of something that looked like himself stalk out of the house and vanish into the night. The next day, the town was abuzz with stories of a family murdered in their sleep, each member beaten to death in their beds. It wasn’t until the local paper printed their obituaries that Pete realized the family had been that of the child who’d pushed Sarah. And no one was ever brought to trial for the crime.

The dark shape became more defined. A rounded head, a long muzzle, broad shoulders…it began to look like one of the polar bears that had so fascinated Sarah at the zoo. Another screech, like the world itself were being ripped apart, tore the air outside.

People were dying outside, just as his wife had died after telling Sarah she shouldn’t be angry all the time. A black something had ripped her to shreds as she took a bag out to the garbage, leaving no trace the police could find. After that, things had gotten worse, and Sarah seemed angry all the time, just as she had been this afternoon when she’d come home from her first day at school. And now the school was being destroyed.

Pete had to act, now, before the monstrous shape across the bed could solidify and kill him. He had to act, or more people would die.

“Please, Sarah, wake up for Daddy. Please stop this.”

Sarah didn’t wake, but the giant shape became more defined. It’s thick arms made a few tentative swings, and from deep in its broad chest, he heard a rumbling growl like a dozen angry mastiffs.

Pete’s daughter was becoming a monster. He knew that. He’d hoped she’d grow out of it. But she ‘d just become angrier.

“I love you, Sarah. Daddy will protect you from the monsters.”

His arm rose, the crowbar came down, he swung it again and again, until the monster in his daughter’s bed was dead, and he wished himself dead beside her.

Container gardening update.

A few weeks back, I wrote about my decision to experiment with container gardening, and I thought a quick update was in order.

Not being around any bee hives, I didn’t expect my plants to get pollinated. Initially, I tried using a bit of a weed to spread the pollen. Unfortunately, all that happened was that the flowers withered and died. So suspecting that something about the weed was interfering with what I was doing, I invested a buck to buy some ultra-cheap ‘craft brushes’ (think plastic-handled miniature paint brushes). Now I go out every day to ‘pollinate’ any open flowers by hand.

Results? Well, the pepper plant hasn’t flowered since that first, failed attempt, but the tomato plant has been almost covered in flowers, As you can see from the photo below, I’ve got one tomato that’s about an inch across, plus a couple of bb-sized tomatoes that have just formed.

There are a couple of flower buds on the pepper plant, and I’m hoping that they will open in the next week or so, but until they do, I don’t have any clue whether or not I’ll be able to duplicate my success with the tomato plant.


The nature (and portrayal) of evil.

Is evil relative?

I ask that question after engaging in a debate of the subject with a couple of fellow writers. They insisted that, yes, evil is relative, and writings that portray certain subjects in a positive light should not be censored.

One writer insisted that, at least at first, the Nazi’s weren’t evil. Another insisted that, because many surviving Nazi’s still view what they did in a positive light, then the actions of that regime were not evil.

Personally, I thought both of them were insane.

The first, who styled themselves as a historian, insisted that the German government didn’t really ‘go bad’ until after the war started. They also said that, because the other European powers failed to intervene, they were either complicit in what happened, of at least initially, agreed with what happened.

I remembered history differently.

I remember the violence the Nazi’s used to gain power, and the swift expansion and increasing brutality of that violence once they had achieved power. I know that they moved swiftly to crush any and all opposition parties. I remember how they rounded up those who opposed them. I also remember that they imprisoned people in existing prisons long before the first purpose-built concentration camps opened in 1933. In short, I remember that the Nazi’s were born evil, and were never anything but evil.

The other person, who insisted that because surviving Nazi’s remember their actions in a positive light, they could not have been evil I found to be laughably naive. Mass murderers, from the ‘Son of Sam’ to John Wayne Gacy, rarely if ever speak of what they did as evil. They also pulled out the “Star Wars” card, quoting Obi-Wan Kenobi’s famous ‘from a certain point of view’ line as proof that evil is all in the eyes of the beholder. This person, btw, was a woman, and I was strongly tempted to ask her how she react to a story that portrayed a woman being raped in a positive light.

Perhaps I am old, but I think there are some things that are simply evil, and that they should never, ever be portrayed as anything else. What subject I feel should be regarded that way is a long list. Mass executions. Genocide. The rounding up of large numbers of people for no other reason than to silence opposition/please a fanatical leader’s ego. Torture for any reason. Sexual violence against anyone. There are a few others, but I write this to ask all of you, the readers, what you think?

How do you feel?

Are there subjects that should not be portrayed in a positive light, or is it ‘anything goes’ and be damned to what happens after?