We all do what we must.

The anesthetic dosage must be carefully monitored due to severe potential side effects. Proper dosage can be calculated using the formula….

“Hey, girl, get your head out of that damn book, the manager’s looking for you!”

Jessie didn’t have to look to know it was Lori yelling at her. The older woman walked up to stand beside. She looked up to see her pupils were dilated and her eyes bloodshot From the wobble in her stance, Jessie knew she was high again. Probably oxy she thought to herself. She couldn’t change the woman’s mind about using ‘hillbilly heroin’ to get through her day, so she didn’t try. Instead, she put her bookmark in her textbook and closed it.

“So what does he want now?”

“Customers are starting to show up! Time to get to work.”

Jessie shrugged her old jacket off, pushed her chair back, zipped up her thigh-high thick-soled boots and looked in the mirror. Her bikini looked ridiculous, but she knew the customers wanted a stripper to look this. She hated the work, but needed the money.

One more semester, just one more…then I can be the nurse I want to be.

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