That is what they are called

By those who seek after

The immaculate swath of green.


But how can they be so blind?


In all their manifold forms

In their innumerable colors


Are they not a gift?


Are they not, in every instance,

a wonder, waiting for us to notice?


Nature gives them to us

Offering us a chance to see them

Things to tell us that yes,

there is beauty not of our making

in the Universe


Open your eyes

Open your heart

And enjoy the beauty around you

The beauty Nature gives us for free

If we just have the sense to see it.

Just a short follow-on….

This is a follow-on to an earlier piece I wrote about the state of modern journalism.

After handing in my letter to the editor and my talk with the ‘reporter’, I was more than a little disheartened by what I saw the low quality of local journalism. So, you will, I think, share my surprise that in today’s edition of said paper, the very prominent headline was about local concerns over the proposed new rail line. The reporter went out and found the map of the route through our area, then found some folks who’s property values would probably be effected by the project. She then went on to detail some different aspects of the proposal and included the time and date of the local meeting on it.

Surprisingly enough, my letter, that was submitted before the reporter even started writing, was nowhere to be found. I suspect that if it is published at all, it will appear late enough to make me look like an uninformed fool.

So I guess I was wrong, journalism is alive and well at my local newspaper…or at least it is when someone comes in off the street to point out how clueless they are.