Supposedly, Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If that is true, then humans aren’t the only species to demonstrate insane behaviour….

A few days ago, while pretending to be writing, I was interrupted by an odd sound. It consisted of a fairly loud “Thump!”, followed by a few seconds of another noise. That second noise sometimes sounded like a cat scratching at a door, and sometimes like a branch scraping against the side of the house. I got curious enough, after hearing it a couple of times, to get up and go see if I could figure out what was causing it. First try…no luck. Back to the computer…noise again….investigate and again, nothing. Third time, with frustration starting to set in, I go to investigate, and just as I’m ready to turn around and spend a few seconds cussing, I catch a shady form out of the corner of my eye, and hear the sound again. When I turn, I spot a bird, landing on a branch outside a window. I watch it for a bit, and just as I’m convinced it has nothing to do with my mystery sound, the bird takes off and launches itself at the window. It thumps into the clear upper second of the window, flapping it’s wings as it tries to get through the glass, then flies back to the branch I’d seen it on earlier. It sits there, cocking it’s head from side to side for a while, then repeats the process.

I try to take pity on wild animals, especially ones that are clearly in distress, so I go outside, waving my hands, and drive the bird away. I’m not back inside more than five minutes before I hear the sound again and know that this bird is not going to just give up. At this point, I remembered something I’d read once about how birds can sometimes mistake windows for opening and try to fly through them. So I grab a piece of newspaper, some tape, and go outside. The paper isn’t big enough to cover the whole of the glass section of the window, but I hope it’s enough to deter the bird. Up goes the paper, and back inside I go, hoping I’ve solved my problem.

Yeah, right…….

I barely have time to bring my computer back out of hibernation before I begin to hear the same sounds again, just fainter. Back out to the window, where I hear the noise, but see nothing. Then I look down at the next window, about ten feet away from the first…and see the bird trying to fly through it. Same fix applied, the noise stops, and everything is golden. I don’t hear anything more, and problem solved, I go back to trying to work.

Later, my sister came by and asked me why there was a bird flying at one of the windows upstairs on my house…and I knew that there was no fix for this. This bird is crazy, and all I can do is hope it gets tired of beating its head against an immovable object.

Bottom line, humans are not the only crazies to occupy this Earth.